About this guy, Lalo Alcaraz

I am a full time working Chicano artist, satirist and cartoonist - and writer when the animated TV show Bordertown is up and going. I have drawn the nationally syndicated daily comic strip La Cucaracha since 2003, and drew its pre-cursor, the once-a-week L.A. Cucaracha in the LA Weekly from 1992-2010.  I previously taught illustration at Otis College of Fine Art & Design and have written various screenplays for major studios and a few television shows since the early 90s through today. 

I think art should be affordable, so that's why I sell high quality yet reasonably priced prints of my favorite cartoons and poster art. And I think YOU should collect art! (Start with my prints!)

My homebase is in Los Angeles, and have been selling my own merchandise for over 25 years. This shop is brand new, and it's an attempt to get all my merchandise under one "roof." This team is just me, I am a one man band. Thank you for supporting artists!

Contact me at laloalcaraz@yahoo.com.

Twitter: @laloalcaraz

Instagram: @laloalcaraz1