Juniors Tank Top

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By popular demand, I created this image and this shirt to honor the #NeverAgain movement and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School  student Emma Gonzalez, who spoke out so strongly against public officials who are tools of the gun manufacturing lobby and the NRA. I did not create this image to profit from it. If you wish a free high resolution download of the original image, please go to my website Pocho.com. I give anybody my blessing to make prints for protest placards or posters and to spread the image of Emma and the #NeverAgain movement far and wide, as long as you do NOT alter my image in any way, or sell it for profit. You can even make shirts for your awesome organization on your own, as long as you respect my wishes. Proceeds from the sales of these shirts from my store site, after costs and my time, will go to the gun control non-profit of my choice, and/or the Never Again movement. Please do not message me with negative messages, I am doing the best I can to keep making free artwork for this and any positive social movement. I am not Oprah nor George Clooney, I'm just an independent artist who spends way too much time doing free stuff for good causes. Thank you for your support. #NeverAgain #GunControlNow